This page provides Lighthouse Design’s descriptions of their products and links to them on the Peak FTP server. These are unsupported products that have been donated to the community.
AirMail 3.1.5 license string: opppjldfd

AirMail is a full-featured NEXTSTEP- and OpenStep-based client for Hewlett Packard's OpenMail, the server-based enterprise messaging standard. With AirMail, IT managers using OpenMail to build a more robust and cost-effective messaging infrastructure can extend these benefits to client systems running NEXTSTEP and OpenStep.(NOTE: If you don't have an HP OpenMail server installed and running, this application will not run.)

Concurrence 2.77 license string: 544445qor

Concurrence is the premiere presentation program for OpenStep. With an intuitive interface and powerful feature set, Concurrence provides users with all of the tools they need to create polished business and technical presentations--from 35mm slides and overheads to viewgraphs and web-based briefings.

Diagram! 2.5 license string: llllkhjj

Diagram! is OpenStep's leading drawing application for business and technical professionals. Diagram!'s rich feature set and easy-to-use drawing palettes make it ideal for a wide variety of general-purpose drawings--from basic organization charts to business process models (BPR), brainstorm drawings to object-oriented/CASE graphics and database design.

EquationBuilder 3.3 license string: dccdptqor

EquationBuilder is an innovative technical equation editor for OpenStep. EquationBuilder simplifies the chores normally associated with visualizing and editing complex equations, providing technical and business professionals with a fast, easy-to-use tool for building equations.

OpenWrite 2.1.8 license string: 452r04643

OpenWrite is a full-featured and easy to use word processor for OpenStep. From technical reports and memos, to book documents and even World Wide Web pages, OpenWrite provides everyday users with a first-rate solution.

ParaSheet 1.7 license string: ghhhikrpr

ParaSheet is a full-featured traditional spreadsheet for OpenStep. Combining a familiar spreadsheet interface with a powerful macro language and graphics engine, ParaSheet is the ultimate solution for all of your day-to-day financial analysis and accounting needs.

Quantrix 2.4 license string: 8999dwtvr

Quantrix is a multi-dimensional spreadsheet and analytical framework for OpenStep applications. For enterprises driven by spreadsheets--from budgets and forecasts to custom applications based on spreadsheet views and charts--Quantrix offers a significant competitive edge.

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