Stone Design was the first developer to ship a product for NEXTSTEP. Their First app was TextArt (released in October 1989) which eventually evolved into Create a year later.

Stone Design makes a wide variety of applications for NEXTSTEP, OPENSTEP, Rhapsody and Mac OS X and has always been a leader in releasing apps for each of those platforms and in taking advantage of new abilities as they become available (iMaginator is an example of Stone Design creating an application that uses the new CoreImage APIs in Mac OS X v.10.4).

Create is a powerful drawing application - produce newsletters, designs, logos, pages and more! And build web pages on the fly that look just like your document.

DataPhile is the NEXTSTEP Database Manager for the rest of us. Create your own databases with sounds, files, rich text, money, booleans, URL fields, and much, much more!

3DReality is the ultimate in easy 3D modeling and rendering for NEXTSTEP.

CheckSum is Basic Accounting Made Simple for NEXTSTEP.

A free web tool which lets you build animated GIFs by drag and dropping in frames (any kind of image).

PStill is a PDF distillation application (converting Postscript and Encapsulated Postscript files into Adobe's Portable Document Format). Version 1.10z for NEXTSTEP is free from the PStill home page.

Stone Design's Create®
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