December 1991

RightBrain prepares four utilities

by Rick Reynolds

Palo Alto, CA: Right Brain Software has developed four products to ship by the end of December, including three utilities spun off from the development of Paste Up, its forthcoming page-layout program, as well as a screen saver.

Developed from Paste Up, Rulers is a utility that enables users to resize, scale, and join rulers, allowing for clean and efficient sizings, alignments, and centerings. Portfolio acts as an extension of the shelf in the Workspace Browser, while the LaunchPad utility is a similar extension of the Dock.

LockScreen functions as a user-configurable screen saver and works in monochrome or color mode. The utility also can seal a workstation from curious passerbys by requiring a password.

Each program is $99, although site licensing can bring the prices as low as $30 per machine.

RightBrain Software is at 132 Hamilton Ave., Palo Alto, CA 94301. 415/326-2974 or 800/472-7246.

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