January 1992

Expo freebies
  • A free NeXT machine! NeXT plans to give away a machine to a lucky attendee of the Expo's developer track.
  • Demo disks, T-shirts, mugs, and more! Insignia is handing out copies of SoftPC every hour and HSD is giving away demo software of its OCR Servant. Check out your favorite booths for T-shirt giveaways.
  • The NeXT public domain archives, which contain over a gigabyte of NeXT applications, tutorials, newsletters, images, and sounds. You can get the information from the Internet archive servers sonata.cc.purdue.edu, nova.cc.purdue.edu, cs.orst.edu, umd5.umd.edu, and eesun1.uta.edu, or just stop by NeXTWORLD's booth at the Expo. NeXTanswers, NeXT's on-line collection of technical support questions and answers, can be had there too.
  • NeXTWORLD magazine is available on the servers as well. Come by the booth to download your favorite stories.

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