January 1992

The Question Man:

What are you hoping to see at NeXTWORLD Expo?

"Some really awesome 3-D stuff. I know NeXT has been working on the 3DKit, but I haven't seen it. I want my tongue to hang out."

-Andy Stone, founder, Stone Design

"I always want to see Steve do a demo speech because he's so passionate. And also the '486 situation, because some of the restrictions for our software has been the hardware limitations. Unless you can convert everyone to the same hardware, you miss out on software opportunities."

-Helen Pastorino, president, Alain Pinel Realtors

"I want to see evidence that NeXT is going to make it. Also, a diversity of products, especially in the areas in which NeXT hasn't focused its marketing: graphics and design. And I want to see the NeXT community developing a larger sense of itself."

-John Perry Barlow, computer outlaw and founder,
Electronic Frontier Fund

"Lots of products. Tons of 'em. Stuff I've never seen, up close and personal."

-Dave Grady, advocate, NeXT Computer Pittsburgh

"We're hoping to see other people with hands-on experience with things we're doing. And we're always looking for software that can better meet our needs, so we don't have to do as much custom work."

-Claude Farris, captain, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

"I'm excited about everybody from all over the world coming together -Europe and Asia together with North America sharing ideas, products, and themes. It's great for people here to see all the folks from abroad and the enthusiasm for what that'll bring."

-Max Henry, vice president, NeXT Asia

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