January 1992

Atherton plans Expo launch of news software

by Eliot Bergson

Atherton, CA: Another young star has taken time off from NeXT to found a software company and add to the mix of third-party products for the platform, this time with an electronic news reader and a dock-modification utility.

Jayson Adams took a leave of absence from his post as strategic developer engineer in November 1991 to found Atherton Software Works and "try out some product ideas and do some programming," he said. He has spent the time developing two products he will demo at Expo this week.

NewsExplorer is an electronic news reader and clipping-service application that automates information retrieval from digital news feeds such as DowVision and Reuters.

NewsExplorer can search for articles in general categories or that contain specific topics or key words, and use an intelligence-like feature that learns the types of articles a user would want to have searched and retrieved.

"NewsExplorer is targeted at people who have, or want to have, information constantly coming in so they can find articles they're interested in," said Adams. Users can compile and produce their own newsletters, he added.

Atherton's other application, Engage, lets a user create a dock with an unlimited number of levels that mirrors work flow. "One level can be files you fax a lot. Another level can be from a design project that uses Illustrator and Icon and some EPS files. When you want to work on that project, you just flip to that level and you're ready to go," said Adams.

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