January 1992

OOP modeler targets CFOs

by Dan Ruby

Palo Alto, CA: A high-end business and financial-modeling package under development by Modernsoft could lead to the introduction of NeXT computers into the highest levels of multinational corporations.

Unlike more traditional modeling systems such as Lotus Improv, Modernsoft's EnterpriseWorkstation allows the user to model general business knowledge separately from situation-specific information or data values. Each element of a model is an independent object that can be linked with other objects to build complex but flexible models that can be easily modified and reused. The program is intended for group use across whole organizations.

Because Modernsoft plans to price the software near $100,000 per site license, it will likely be used only by the largest corporations. Six Fortune 100 companies are already using a prerelease version of the program for enterprisewide business and financial analysis.

Modernsoft categorizes the program as management-engineering software. The key part of the system is its knowledge model, which can operate on data brought in from any other source, including corporate databases and spreadsheets.

"Whereas a database tells you 'what is' and a spreadsheet tells 'what if,' EnterpriseWorkstation allows you to ask 'if what,' " said Lee Hecht, Modernsoft chairman.

The company expects to release EnterpriseWorkstation this summer. Modernsoft will demonstrate EnterpriseWorkstation privately during NeXTWORLD Expo.

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