May 1992

Sales Watch

As NeXT continues to gain market share, we'll keep track of some large recent purchases.

Wide Table (Please open window wide)

Customer Application # of Units Major Software

Delo Publishing Company Management of wire-service news 98 Custom applications
Ljubljana, Slovenia and images, data archiving, by Skeleton Crew USA,
Daily newspaper, integrated working environments Illustrator, Virtuoso,
magazine publication for all editorial and graphics Improv

Trirex Systems Inauguration of NeXT training 50 Custom applications,
Westport, Connecticut facility, development of NeXTSTEP development
Software development installation package for tools
and consulting large sites

Alberta Motor-vehicle registration, 400-500 Custom applications
Solicitor General office automation, (65 currently by
Motor Vehicle document handling DKW Systems,on-site)
Division Improv, WordPerfect
Edmonton, Alberta,

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