May 1992

Imagine offers authoring tool

by Lee Sherman

Ann Arbor, MI: Imagine Multimedia, creator of MediaStation, has announced InterActive Author, a graphical scripting environment for the NeXT. Using a flow-chart metaphor, the program allows developers to create interactive training systems, presentations, and games without having to learn a scripting language.

InterActive Author includes three linked modules that provide authors with the tools necessary for constructing multimedia applications. The Navigator module provides a graphical overview of an application through a hierarchical browser; the Simulator module builds the front end of the application and tests the finished product; and the Sequencer module synchronizes time-dependent media such as sound and video.

According to Imagine CEO Ken Slayton, the combination of InterActive Author and Media-Station provides a complete multimedia publishing solution.

The software will generate CDI-Talk, a high-level language that can be used to build CD-I (for "interactive") master discs, which are beginning to emerge as the distribution standard for the consumer multimedia market.

Interactive Author is expected to ship in September. Pricing has not yet been set.

Imagine can be reached at 313/930-7777.

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