Summer 1992


Two formidable NeXT competitors in the workstation market have recently combined operations to bolster the strength of the Advanced Computing Environment consortium. MIPS Computer Systems and Silicon Graphics announced an agreement to merge companies. "By joining with MIPS, we will pool the world's most talented computer scientists to continue delivering the industry's best RISC architectures," said Silicon Graphics CEO Edward McCracken. SGI will absorb MIPS's sales and manufacturing functions, while a new subsidiary, MIPS Technologies, headed by Robert G. Miller of MIPS, will focus on research and development.

NeXT CEO Steve Jobs was recently named to Fortune magazine's National Business Hall of Fame for his role in founding the personal computer industry at Apple Computer. Hall of Famers include Wal-Mart's Samuel M. Walton, William G. McGowan of MCI, and Max DePress of Herman Miller. The list was published in Fortune's March 23 issue.

Federico Heinz Consulting is shipping a new version of Dots, its non-PostScript printer driver. The new version includes support for color printers such as the Hewlett-Packard PaintJet. The new color driver will sell for $199. The monochrome version will still be priced at $99. Federico Heinz Consulting: 49/30/784-9864 or e-mail at

i-link GmbH in early March released MIX, a communication system. Combining fax, modem, and programmable voice mail/telephone control, the hardware/software combination sells for between $450 and $750, depending on configuration. i-link: 49/30/781-7055 or e-mail at

CuillaMartin Company, of Grayslake, Illinois, has announced the CuillaMartin Calculator Set Version 1.0. The software includes Basic, Scientific, and Conversion calculators. The most sophisticated calculator of the set allows for conversion among units in several categories of weights and measures. The calculators are scheduled for release this month. The price of the set had not been determined at press time. CuillaMartin: 708/223-5164.

Gary H. Moore, NeXT's vice-president of law and business development, and the company's general counsel, has resigned from NeXT to return to his former San Francisco law firm. He will continue to represent NeXT as outside counsel with McCutchen, Doyle, Brown, & Enersen. Moore said he hopes to make McCutchen the leading Bay Area law firm for intellectual-property litigation.

Goldleaf Publishing announced development of a compound document processor for the NeXT, called Collage. The software will integrate word-processing and page-layout features, and is based on the Archetype publishing engine. The company declined to provide pricing for Collage, which will be available in the second quarter. The Larkspur, California, company also revealed it will distribute Polaroid Digital Palette film recorders and the ScanView ScanMate desktop drum scanner from ScanView A/S of Denmark. Goldleaf is developing NeXTstep interface software for the scanner, which it will sell separately. Goldleaf: 415/257-3515.

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