The screenshots at the bottom of this page are of OPENSTEP 4.2. In this case running on my IBM ThinkPad 760ED. Thanks to the easy access to where the hard drive sits, I am able to swap hard drives on my ThinkPad very quickly (like, less than 30 seconds). So I use this ThinkPad for both work (running Rhapsody 5.1 on a 6 GB drive) and school (running OPENSTEP 4.2 on a 2 GB drive.

The first shot is of the Workspace Manager as I have my system configured. I use Fiend to give me a desktop image and to extend my dock with multiple levels... each level containing a category of application.

The second shot is of RBrowser, which is a great FTP client which actually matches the feel of the Workspace Manager. This GUI feature makes learning to use RBrowser very easy.

The third shot is of Caffeine Software's TIFFany II in action.

The next three shots are of Stone Design's Create (version 5.2.1 in this case). The first shot is just of the application and it's standard interface. The following two shots are of Create in action, first doing a page layout and second creating a web page.

The seventh shot is of Chronographer. This is an organizational/planner application that is designed to help you achieve set goals (both long term and short term).

Shots 8 and 9 are of OmniWeb 3.1. Both shots are of pages from this site to display the quality of the browser.

Shot 10 is of Diagram! 2.5 in action. I was working on the site map of this site when this shot was taken. One of the benefits of using Mac OS X along side OPENSTEP is that many of the developers from the NeXT days are now Mac OS X developers. As such, one of the Omni Group's current applications (OmniGraffle) is able to open Diagram! 2.x files.

Shots 11 and 12 are of an application which I'm very fond of, Geomview. This application was under development at the National Science Foundation's Geometry Center while I was working there back in 1994. The NeXT version was under development at the time, so I used the SGI version for some of the research that I was doing while there.

Similarly, shots 13 and 14 are also of math applications. Shot 13 is of another app developed at the Geometry Center called ODE (by Paul Burchard). The last shot is of FractalView which lets you manipulate and view Manelbrot fractals.
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