Stone Age n (1864): The first known period of prehistoric human culture, characterized by the use of stone tools.
This section is devoted to a collection of articles written by Andrew Stone of Stone Design. As some these articles were originally PostScript, they take a little bit of time to rework into a web page format. Consequently, I'll be adding articles as time permits.

I would like to thank Andrew for giving me permission to add this valuable content to my site... and also for making great software.

Developing an Intuitive Interface for Creating PostScript Effects on the NeXT
Copying Arbitrary PostScript in a Custom View
The Right Cursor for the Right Job
NeXT's Great Text Editor
Composite Objects: A Slider/TextField Hybrid
Doing Objects Right (1990)
NEXTSTEP to OPENSTEP Porting Guide (Stone Design)
Porting to Rhapsody PPC from OPENSTEP
Doing Objects Right (1997, Stone Design)
sWord: a simple Rich Text word processor (Stone Design)

Additional writings by Andrew on the subject of software development can be found on the Stone Design site on The Cocoa Files Page.

Interview: Andy Stone, Stone Design Corporation (Stepwise)

Additional writings by Andrew Stone (from Stone Design's Community Page)
Issue 1: Making Programmers out of Users
Issue 2: One Fox Two Fox Yellow Box Blue Box
Issue 3: In Defense of Apple's Rhapsody Strategy
Issue 4: A Fool's Paradise (Satire)
Issue 5: Rhapsody - Love and War
Issue 6: Apple Developer Connection: Still A Deal
Issue 7: Marketing Rhapsody the Modern Way
Issue 8: The OS War Is Over
Issue 9: First Steps To Learning Rhapsody
Issue X: An Orderly Transition
Issue 11: Rendezvous With 'X'
Issue 12: Back To Object School
Issue 13: FeedBack Loop
Issue 14: Home of the Brave, Land of the FreeBSD
Issue 15: The Macintosh Tapestry
Issue 16: The Synergy of Rhapsody and Mac OS
Issue 17: The Mac OS X-Files
Issue 18: Long Live Mac OS X!
Issue 19: Communitas Digitalis
Issue 20: Brand X - Just Be Different
Issue 21: What's New in DR2
Issue 22: Who's Fooling Who?
Issue 23: While Others Promise...
Issue 24: O.S. Confidential
Issue 26: Mac OS X Server is here!
Issue 27: Mac Hack 99: Alive and Almost Dead
Issue 28: Big Apple
Issue 29: X Cometh!
Issue 30: A Programmer's Manifesto

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