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I've redesigned this section to be more like my Rhapsody Resource Page... mainly because it is easier to maintain this way.

This section is a good illustration of why this web site is not part of my consulting business. As a consultant my job is to find the best solution for my clients needs, even if it is to recommend something that I, personally, would not use.

This section of my site reflects my own views and opinions on computing solutions. As I rarely use Carbon apps when using about Mac OS X, they are not going to be covered to any great degree here. Generally speaking, most Carbon developers tend to be coming from either the old Mac OS or Windows, and seem to have completely missed what makes Mac OS X special and unique in the computing industry.

Also, even though this is the Apple section, I'll not be going that deep into Rhapsody stuff here. I've covered (and am still covering) that matter much better in the Rhapsody Resource Page area.

Operating systems that will be covered in this section include the Mac OS (7-9), A/UX (2-3) and Mac OS X (DP4-10.3). Hardware will include systems that I currently own or work on. Software will mainly be Cocoa apps that I use daily, with the odd Carbon app that I think shows potential. And a links page to resources that I find very valuable for those of us using Macs.
This sub-site is in a constant state of construction (very much like the rest of my site). I'll list additions here as I finish them.

01-10-2004: Complete redesign of Apple section, added pages on Create (here), TextEdit (here) and ToyViewer (here)
01-31-2006: Added pages on installing Mac OS X Server on hardware not supported by the Mac OS X Server media (here), commentary on the Intel transition (here) and updated the links on the ToyViewer page(here)
04-26-2006: Added a new page on TextEdit (here) which reviews all the versions up to the one included in Mac OS X 10.4.x
07-20-2006: Added a new page on the Power Macintosh 8600/300 (here)

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